At the First Glance

This website and book are NOT New Age. Nor are they religious. I provide balanced and substantial information about Judeo-Christianity (with ample Bible passages), similar religions, New Age beliefs, and exopolitics. I work to determine how otherworldly information is scientifically and realistically valid. I push many boundaries, so please do not be quick to judge my work that you do not yet understand. Some of what I reveal is brand new to the public. This website is an afterthought to the actual book, which will be even clearer in its upcoming second edition.


As of mid-November 2013, I have stopped production of my book in anticipation of the much improved and expanded second edition that I hoped to finish by the end of March 2014; however, there is still more fine-tuning to do, and I must also create an index. I am sorry for giving an expected date when it is now pushed ahead. Please check back here before the end of April 2014 to see whether I will be finally done.

When I send the book to the printer, I will then have time to update this website according to the new edition. The book's title will be Eternal Humans and the Finite Gods: How an Ex-Prophet and I Left Religion and Discovered Universes Beyond and Within. I am very excited about this new book! Thank you for your patience and interest.



Theresa Talea



Notes: Critique of the Law of One Belief [Current Update]
Book Updates: Chapter 5, Archangel Michael's Involvement with Jesus
   Chapter 5, Reverend Gideon Ouseley's Works



Notes: Honoring our Voice



Book Updates: Chapter 4, Biblical Abraham was Not Uriah
   Chapter 6 and onward, M31 Andromeda is Not Aquinos



Update: What is Ascension?



Book Updates: Chapters 6 and 9, DNA Strand Assembly and Activation [1/12/13 Clarification]
   Chapter 6, Partiki and ManU Pre-Particle Units
   Chapter 6, Indigos



Next Steps: Heads Up about 12-12-12 and 12-21-12



Next Steps: Experiences and Thoughts about the Journey to the…Krystar Seed Atom Technique



Book Updates: Chapter 10, Caution and Update: Flame Body Activation Techniques



Book Updates: Chapter 3, Distinction between the Cosmic Awareness and Infinite Awareness Entity Groups



Book Updates: Chapter 10, Sliders and Pre-Sliders Techniques Discernment
    Preface, The “God Particle”



Notes: Announcement--Developments in Progress



Book Updates: Chapter 8, Predicted Death of the Sun and Earth
    Chapter 5, Appolonius of Tyana


Book Updates: Chapter 9, 528 Hertz Frequency